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Alaska Mountain Goat

Hunting for the elusive Alaskan Mountain Goat is an exhilarating and very special hunting experience. The Mountain Goat inhabits the spectacular Kenai Mountain Range along the rugged Coastline of the Kenai Peninsula as well as Prince William Sound and the Island of Kodiak. This is a primeval land where one can see such wondrous sites as smoking volcanoes rising from the Aleutian Range across Cook Inlet, massive glaciers that creep down out of the mountains into the ocean to form towering walls of ancient ice that rise hundreds of feet out of the water, abundant wildlife such as Orca Killer Whales and Sea Otters which were nearly hunted to extinction by the Russian Explorers, and high mountain peaks with names like Mount Diablo that seem to drop right into the sea. This is the land that the Alaska Mountain Goat claims as its home. These beautiful pure creamy white animals live among the lofty peaks and cliffs in the early Summer and Fall feeding on the grasses and sedges as they fatten up for the Winter months ahead. In September, as the snows come to the high mountain peaks, Mountain Goats come down from higher altitudes onto their lower winter range where they are much easier to hunt. At these lower elevations they are more accessible and can be taken on a day hike. Hunters who are looking for a Boone and Crocket Record Book Goat may want to consider bringing a sleeping bag and mattress in order to spend one night in a spike camp. This allows a greater range and the flexibility to hunt an exceptional Billy that might be located but is too far to take and get back to the base campin a single day. Access for other hunters to this remote area is limited during this time of year because of poor flying conditions and limited landing areas for the local air taxi operators. Those that do brave the elements and manage to establish a base camp will experience spartan conditions. When our hunters return to base camp they enjoy hot showers, warm beds, a way to dry wet clothes, and great meals served after a hard days hunt.

A Billy Goat taken in October or November is truly an outstanding Big Game Hunting Trophy! The cape on these animals is thick and luxurious and can have creamy white hair that is 6 to 8 inches long. At this time of year the Black Bear are also in great condition and it is possible to add this trophy to your hunt. You pay only a trophy fee after success. The Black Bear have put on a lot of weight feeding on Salmon and are now ready to dig a den and go into hibernation. Their hair is raven black and thick and long. When you consider the hunt location on the wild and primeval Coastline of Alaska, the daily spectacular scenic beauty, the abundance of animals, sea birds and marine life, the hunt for three of Alaska's most spectacular Big Game Animals when they are in their prime, and the quality of service and comfort offered, your safari will be remembered as a once in a lifetime experience!

This season we are adding a land based hunt for Mountain Goats at Icy Cape, near Yakutat. A large part of this area is private property that we have the exclusive right to hunt. It has an excellent population of Trophy Goats that have seldom been hunted.

Alaska Mountain Goat Icy Bay Hunt

Point of Departure: Yakutat

When: 7 Days, September, October, and November

Price: $8,500 + Black Bear Available for Trophy Fee of $1,950, Paid Only After Success

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