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Alaska Brown Bear

There has always been a lot of discussion and numerous articles have been written about what animals would be included in a list of “The Top Ten Hunting Trophies in the World.” Alaska's big Brown Bear is almost always included on that list.

This is truly an outstanding big game animal and is a formidable adversary. He inhabits a land that is shrouded in mystery. Some of the world's worst weather conditions are frequently endured on the Alaska Peninsula and around Kodiak Island. This is a huge land with volcanoes, large runs of spawning Salmon, Whales and Walrus cruising along the shoreline, and a few native villages sparsely spread along the coast. As a result, this land is difficult to access which makes it more challenging to provide a first class hunting operation. The Brown Bear's senses are keen. He has an outstanding sense of smell and will often leave an area that has human scent. He is also a nocturnal animal that prefers to sleep most of the day and travel about at night. His strength and agility is legendary. It's quite a sight to watch him climb up and over a fifteen foot vertical rock wall. If surprised or wounded he can quickly become the most dangerous creature that you will ever face in your lifetime.

In the Spring the Brown Bear generally come out of hibernation during April and May. They lounge about their dens for a few days and then come down out of the snow looking for food and the boars hoping to participate in the annual breeding season. The weather can be miserable so bring top quality rain gear that is designed to withstand strong winds and keep the rain out. Ankle fitting hip boots are a must and can be purchased in Anchorage if you have enough time to shop. The general method of hunting is to spend the daylight hours glassing the beaches and slopes and watching for a worthy trophy class Bear. Some hunters prefer to walk a short distance up to a vantage point to see more of the country and glass for a big boar. Not much walking is done because the goal is to keep human scent to a minimum. Once a good Bear is located the stalk is planned and executed. More likely than not the stalk will require that you intercept the bear as he travels down the mountain.

The Fall hunt is conducted in October and more time will be spent hunting near the streams and rivers while the salmon are still spawning. You will generally hunt along salmon streams or in areas that the Bears frequent as they travel from one favorite fishing hole to another. The weather can be worse in the Fall, with the temperatures getting colder each day. It is generally in the worst of the wind and rain that you will find the huge Brown Bear out feeding. They seem to be impervious to foul weather. However, guides and hunters are not so bring warm clothes that dry easily and dress in layers so you can add and take away clothes as needed.

Whether you hunt in the Spring or the Fall you are hunting in country that has consistently produced some monster Bears. If you truly want an opportunity to take a 10 foot Brown Bear you should plan to hunt on the Alaska Peninsula for a trophy that is highly ranked among the top trophies in the world.

Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunt

Point of Departure: Port Moller, Alaska


Fall - 2011, 10 Days, Beginning October 1

Spring - 2010, 10 Days, May 10 through May 25

Price: $17,500


Icy Bay Brown Bear Hunt

Point of Departure: Yakutat, Alaska


Fall - 10 Days, September thru November

Spring - 10 Days, May

Price: $13,500

Brown Bear Vessel Based Hunt

Contact Us for a Price Quote



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