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Alaska Hunting Specialists

Experience the what is etoro ultimate Alaska Guided Hunting Adventure. Hunt �The Lost Coast� for huge Brown Bear, often called the Kodiak Brown Bear or Grizzly Bear. Search for Giant Alaska-Yukon Moose on the willow patches at the foot of ancient glaciers. Take a guided hunt for record book Coastal Black Bear. Climb the foot hills of the magnificent Saint Elias Mountains for a trophy Mountain Goat. Hunt each of these Alaska Big Game Animals on private land where no other hunters are permitted. Hunt along more than 70 miles of coast line, on over 150,000 thousand acres, with an outfitter that has the exclusive hunting lease. The property fronts the ocean and backs up against the Wrangell Saint Elias National Park. This is incredible Alaska Big Game hunting country that you can book for an Alaska hunt exclusively for you and your friends.

etoro minimum deposit Alaska Hunting Specialists is a limited liability company that is dedicated to providing the best of Alaska hunting through out the entire state. Three professional hunters are members of the company and bring many years of experience with each having multiple strengths and areas of expertise. Vern Humble, Master Guide, has been guiding and outfitting in Alaska since the early 70s. He has guided hunters from around the world in places like the Arctic, for Musk Ox and Walrus, on the Alaska Peninsula for the big Brown Bear, to southeast Alaska for Mountain Goats and Moose. He maintains a private pilot�s license and has a U. S. Coast Guard license to operate vessels in Alaska coastal waters. Vern successfully operated Rainy Pass Lodge for over 25 years where he guided for Dall Sheep, Caribou, Moose, Black Bear, Wolf, and Wolverine. He has a permit to outfit hunts in the Chugach National Forest in the bays of Prince William Sound and holds an exclusive permit to guide hunters on private land in Icy Bay. Neil Webster has been a registered guide in Alaska for over 22 years. He is a licensed pilot and has been actively involved in the Alaska Professional Hunters Association as a board member and was the chapter President in 2000 and 2001. Neil has guided and outfitted in central Alaska for Grizzly Bear, Dall Sheep, Caribou, Black Bear, Wolves, and Wolverine. He is currently permitted to guide hunters in the Tok Management Area for large trophy quality Dall Sheep. He also has extensive experience in Dry Bay and Icy Bay out of Yakutat, Alaska where he has been authorized to operate exclusive guiding operations on the Tongass National Forest and CAC lands. Garrett Cox is a dedicated professional hunter who has been guiding and outfitting hunts for over 18 years. He has a college degree in wildlife management and has managed ranches in Idaho, Utah, and Kansas to improve the health and trophy quality of the Deer and Elk herds. Garrett is a licensed pilot. He has a lot of experience guiding in central Alaska for Grizzly Bear, Moose, Black Bear, and Caribou. He specializes in big Brown Bear hunting. He has guided on the Alaska Peninsula for 8 seasons and has taken 15 trophy quality Brown Bear for his clients. The smallest Brown Bear being 9 foot 2 inches and the largest Brown Bear was a monster of 10 foot 8 inches with a skull of over 30 inches. etoro mexico

The 3 members of Alaska Hunting Specialists have over 90 combined years of successfully guiding and outfitting in Alaska. We are proud to offer Alaska guided hunts in the best big game areas of Alaska.

BROWN BEAR and GRIZZLY BEAR HUNTING - The giant Alaska Brown Bear is the only Alaska trophy that world renowned hunters include on their list of the "World's Top 10 Trophies". deposit binomo On �The Lost Coast� there is an abundance of food in the form of succulent plants, a wide variety of berries, and huge runs of Salmon that return to the rivers and streams to spawn in the summer and fall. As a result our Brown Bear get a lot of protein and can reach sizes over 10 foot squared. Grizzly Bear hunting can provide the ultimate hunting thrill and is normally conducted on the Salmon streams or berry patches in August and September. An excellent time to hunt Brown Bear is October and November on �The Lost Coast� around the Icy Bay area. For the most part, the fishermen have left the rivers. As a result, the airplane traffic is down and the area has quieted. This is the time when the big Brown Bear move about more freely and begin to gorge themselves on the remaining Salmon to get ready for hibernation that begins in late November and December. binomo trade investment

ALASKA PENINSULA BROWN BEAR - Brown Bear hunting is conducted on the Alaska Peninsula during even numbered years in the spring and during odd numbered years in the fall. The season lasts three weeks each year and hunters are not required to draw for permits as they are for the Kodiak Island hunt. For the discriminating hunter that wants a realistic chance for a 10 foot Brown Bear, the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island are the only places in the world where this is likely. To put one of these monster Brown Bear binomo in hindi on the ground is an awesome experience.

ALASKA/YUKON MOOSE - Alaska Moose hunting on �The Lost Coast� of southeastern Alaska is a great experience. The hunts are conducted on private land on both sides of Icy Bay. The hunting is conducted on over 70 miles of coast line on an exclusive hunting lease where resident hunters are not allowed. The property fronts the ocean and is bounded in the back by the Wrangell Saint Elias National Park. This is perhaps the only privately managed Alaska/Yukon Moose herd in the world. The genetics from Yakutat to Cordova are some of the best in the world. The bulls can produce some huge racks that measure over 70 inches. One was taken on the property several years ago that measured 73 � inches and another produced north of the area this year that measured 72 inches. At this time the herd olymp trade withdrawal is being strictly managed to increase the trophy quality and the seasonal kill is limited to 4 trophy bulls.

MOUNTAIN GOAT - Pursue the elusive pure white Mountain Goat that inhabits the foot hills of the Saint Elias Mountains of Alaska. Hunt them in October and November when their winter hair is eight inches long and they are migrating down from their lofty peaks to lower levels after the first snow fall. Mountain Goat Hunting is done on private property and only a few Goats have been taken over the last 10 years. Two Goat hunters were taken in 2009 on the west side of Icy Bay. Both harvested Mountain Goats that made the record book. This private property backs up against the Wrangell Saint Elias National Park which is an ideal situation for producing big Mountain Goats.

DALL SHEEP � Alaska Hunting Specialists is offering a trophy Dall Sheep hunt in the Tok Management Area. These hunts require the hunter to draw a permit through the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. olymp trade legal in india As most died in the wool Dall Sheep hunters know, there are some huge rams in this area. We have been hunting this area for a number of years with good success for trophy rams. If you are interested in this hunt, help can be provided in getting your name into the drawing.

COASTAL BLACK BEAR - Enjoy an easy hunt in the Spring for the monster Coastal Black Bear that can be found along the shoreline coves and meadows filling themselves with beach grass. Black Bear hunting can also be done on stands where we pattern the Black Bear and can select the larger record book boars. These are spectacular Coastal Black Bear that can measure to an awesome 8 foot square. Since beginning the hunting operation, on the private property in Icy Bay, the success rate has been 100% on spring hunts. In 2009 eight hunters harvested 8 trophy Black Bear. Seven Black Bear made the record book with 4 of the Black Bear measuring 7 foot square or over. The largest was 7 foot 6 inches.

DELUXE how to trade on olymp trade VESSEL BASED HUNTS - Your hunting home is an ocean going vessel. You can hunt Brown Bear, Black Bear, Mountain Goats, and large trophy Moose on the Coast where the genetics can produce some huge racks. There are six state rooms with bunks. Each state room has a private bathroom and shower. Enjoy hot and cold running water, toilets, and plenty of hot water for showers after an exhilarating day of hunting. The boat is operated by a captain licensed by the US Coast Guard and is outfitted with top of the line life saving and navigation equipment which is regularly inspected by the USCG. View dormant volcanoes, rugged coastlines, and majestic mountains that seem to drop magically into the ocean. Cruise past ancient glaciers as they crawl into the sea creating walls of ice that tower hundreds of feet into the air. Observe Humpback Whales, Orca Killer Whales, Stellar Sea Lions, Seals, Sea Otters, and hundreds of thousands of Sea Birds in their Rookeries. Or take a break from hunting and enjoy some fishing for Salmon or the monster Halibut that are often taken from the cold waters of Alaska. Feast like kings on meals such as New York Steaks and chops, barbequed chicken, crab and other fresh sea foods, vegetables and fruits, desserts, and plenty of snacks and beverages. The boat has a wide range and can cover a lot of hunting country. Depending on the animals being sought, your hunting area can include the Alaskan Peninsula, Prince William Sound, and �The Lost Coast� of Alaska from Valdez to Yakutat. You will be able to explore and enjoy guided Alaska hunting in places that are difficult for other hunters to reach.

Vern Humble is your host and outfitter. He has over 35 years of experience hunting professionally in Alaska. Alaska Hunting Specialists offers quality trophy hunts for Dall Sheep, Coastal Black Bear, Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear, Brown Bear/Grizzly Bear, Mountain Goat, and Caribou in game rich areas throughout Alaska. We are dedicated to meeting your needs and to providing quality service that you deserve and should expect on your Alaska Big Game Hunt. This year two Special Hunts are being premiered on �The Lost Coast� of Alaska. The area is located about 65 miles northwest of Yakutat in Icy Bay. The First Hunt is a 5 day spring hunt for Coastal Black Bear. The majority of these Black Bear will make the record book. The Second Hunt is for Trophy Mountain Goat during October and November. The winter pelts will be magnificent with 8 inches of long white hair. The chances for a record book Goat are excellent as the hunt is conducted on private property that is bounded in the back by the Wrangell Saint Elias National Park.

When it comes to Alaska Trophy Hunting you've found the right place. Our highly experienced guides will take you on the most exciting and rewarding Alaskan hunt of your life. We also provide Alaskan wildlife adventure cruises to showcase the beauty of the Alaskan outdoors and the wildlife that makes Alaska Outdoorsmen�s ultimate hunting and fishing ground. Call us today to experience one of our world class guided hunts or Alaskan wildlife cruises.

Some of the services we provide our guests are Alaskan Bear Hunts, Kodiak Brown Bear hunting, Grizzly Bear hunting, Mountain Goat hunting, Black Bear hunting, Dall Sheep hunting, Sitka Blacktail Deer hunting, Caribou hunting, Moose hunts and Yukon Moose hunting. We have hunting and cruise packages available that will suit all of your needs and at a price you can afford.

Come and experience the entire great outdoors that has made Alaska one of the best places in the world to hunt. Here at Alaska Trophy Hunting, we have access to over 150 thousand acres of exclusive hunting land packed with a wide variety of big and small game. If you are looking for an unmatchable hunting experience packed full of breathtaking views, high adrenaline, professional guides and trophy sized game, Alaska Trophy Hunting has it all.

Is your hunting trips lacking excitement and adventure? Let Alaska Trophy Hunting show you what hunting is all about. Our company is founded by a world renowned hunter and master guide. His mission was to share his passion and skills with fellow hunters and bring them on a hunt of a lifetime. Come explore and hunt on some of the most exclusive Alaskan rugged landscape with the best guide in the business, Vern Humble.

Nothing is more exciting and rewarding than an Alaskan bear hunt. Unlike most other places, Alaska has many different breeds of native bears that are almost undisturbed on our land, making their population plentiful. The biggest part of our bear population includes Black Bears, Grizzly Bears and the Great Alaskan Kodiak Bear. No trophy room is more complete than having a mounted Alaskan Bear.

The rugged landscape and many bodies of water on our land welcome many different big game breeds making for an exciting hunt. Some of our most sought after games are Alaska Dall Sheep, Alaska Mountain Goat, Alaska Sitka Blacktail Deer, Alaska Caribou and Alaska Yukon Moose. Our High mountain peaks and extreme altitude changes gives us multiple climates and the ability to house the best in big game hunting. Challenge the deep slopes of our mountains for a trophy Mountain Goat or Sitka Blacktail or track down huge Yukon Moose or Alaskan Caribou for an impressive antler mount for a trophy room or living room wall.

Thank you for visiting our Website. Here you will find the wide variety of guided hunts and Alaskan wildlife cruises that have made us the best place to find all of your Alaskan Outdoor needs. When it comes to providing a once in a lifetime hunting trip or a breathtaking Wildlife cruise, no one compares to Alaska Trophy Hunting. We look forward to hearing from you and customizing the perfect trip.  

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