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Federal Firearms Permit

After September 11 a number of changes and regulations have been put into place relating to firearms and ammunition. If you are not a citizen of the United States you will be required to obtain an import permit before you can enter the U. S. with your rifle and ammunition. You may obtain information at the internet site of the U. S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and down load the ATF Form 6NIA from the internet at www.atf.gov/forms/5000.htm#firearms When the site comes up, scroll down and click on “ATF F - 5330.3D (Form 6NIA). Down load Form 6NIA and follow the directions below for completing and submitting the form.

You must purchase a current Alaska Hunting License and enclose a copy of the license when you submit Form 6NIA. Hunting licenses are available through our office. Allow 2 months plus mailing time to complete this process. Once approved the permit is valid for one year from the date of approval. You are required to have all of your documentation with you when you enter the United States. You will also be required to export your rifle and remaining ammunition when you depart the United States.

To view and print form you will need Acrobat Reader ® software. You can download Acrobat Reader ® software here for free


All required questions must be answered and the entries printed in ink or typed.

Number 1 - Enter your full legal name as it appears on your passport. For example, if your name is Gerald Dean Smith. Enter: Smith, Gerald Dean

Number 2 - Enter your residential address. It cannot be a company address or a Post Office Box.

Number 3 - Enter your telephone number, including the country code and the city code.

Number 4 - Enter your fax number, including the country code and the city code. If you have a fax number it is important to list it in the event there are questions about your application that can be answered by fax.

Number 5 - Check the appropriate box for either Male or Female.

Number 6 - Enter the date of your birth.

Number 7 - Enter the city and country in which you were born.

Number 8 - Enter the country from which you are exporting the rifle and ammunition.

Number 9 - Enter the country in which you are a citizen.

Number 10 - Enter N/A, unless you have a current or past Immigration and Naturalization Service admission number or alien number. (If you do have a number, see instruction 21)

Number 11 - Enter N/A, unless you are from Canada. (If you are from Canada, see instruction 22)

Number 12 - Check Yes.

Number 13 - Leave blank.

Number 14 - FIREARMS:

  1. - Enter the name and address of the rifle's manufacturer.
  2. - Enter the word, RIFLE.
  3. - Enter the caliber of the rifle.
  4. - Enter the model of the rifle.
  5. - Enter the length of the barrel, in inches.
  6. - Enter the total length of the rifle, in inches.
  7. - Enter the Serial Number of the rifle.
  8. - Enter N/A, unless you are from Canada.

Number 14 - AMMUNITION:

  1. - Enter the name and address of the manufacturer of your ammunition.
  2. - Enter the word, CARTRIDGE.
  3. - Enter the caliber of the cartridges.
  4. - Enter the total number of cartridges you have for the caliber listed in c above.

Number 15 - Sign your name in ink, preferably in blue. Remember, you are completing 2 copies and each copy must have an original signature in ink.

Number 16 - Enter the current date.

When you have completed ATF Form 6NIA send two copies by Express Mail, both with original signatures, and a copy of your current Alaska Hunting License to the following address:

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
Firearms & Explosives Imports Branch
Washington, D. C. 20226

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