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Alaska Dall Sheep

A safari for the majestic Dall Ram is surely one of the most exciting adventures that Alaska Big Game Hunting has to offer. This is an animal that is not only beautiful but also possesses the physical agility to climb and feed on seemingly impossible mountain cliffs. Any little patch of earth clinging to the side of a mountain that nourishes the alpine sedges and herbs is home to these monarchs. They are also blessed with fantastic eyesight and the uncanny ability to sense your presence and vanish into the misty crags. Combine these traits with the Dall's majestic high mountain habitat replete with pristine lakes, alpine meadows full of beautiful fragile Arctic flowers, hanging glaciers, and breathtaking panoramic views and you have the makings of an incredible world class hunting experience.

An eight year old Dall Ram will generally have full curl horns which will measure from 32 to 35 inches around the curl. In the Alaska Mountain Range the full curl Rams traditionally have tight curls with spectacular flaring horns. Mature Rams of 9 to 10 years will average 36 to 39 inches. Old Rams of 10 to 12 years have the capacity of breaking the magical 40 inch barrier. The Sheep in this area do have the genetics and have produced many sets of horns measuring well over 42 inches.

In some areas of Alaska the Sheep population can always be found in a fairly small range. They are born, live and die within a few square miles. However, in the Alaska Range the Sheep move a great deal from range to range and can be found in different areas from one year to the next year. Normally, before the hunting season the hunting area is flown and some scouting is done to locate huntable populations of Rams.

The traditional hunt in the Alaska Mountain Range is done by setting up a base camp. We have the capability of traveling further into Sheep country with a small fly camp. This mobile camp includes a high quality tent that is constructed to keep you dry in the worst of weather conditions. For safety, each camp has a basic first aid kit and a means of communication to provide security for the camp. The guide will have good quality binoculars and a spotting scope for looking over Sheep that are seen at a distance. It is important for the hunter to also have a good pair of binoculars because a lot of time will be spent glassing for Sheep and other big game animals. This is a great hunting experience as the guide and hunter are mobile and can move through some outstanding Sheep habitat in pursuit of their trophy. This area also has a good population of Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Wolves, and a few Caribou.

A good back pack is a necessity as the hunter will be required to carry a sleeping bag and pad and all personal items. The guide will be carrying his personal gear in addition to the fly camp and food. You don't have to be a champion athlete but do schedule some regular exercises that include hiking with some weight in your pack, and other exercises such as deep knee bends, long walks to break in your boots, and even some light running. It will make your hunting experience so much more enjoyable. Your guide is experienced and will do everything he can to add to the pleasure of your hunt. He will go at the speed that is most comfortable for you, whether it be leisurely or at a strenuous pace. How difficult is a Sheep hunt in the Alaskan Range? Sheep hunting is always difficult but the terrain found in these mountains allows for good access and is really not too difficult to hunt effectively, especially when compared to other Dall Sheep areas in Alaska.

One thing is certain, a hunt for a Trophy Dall Ram is a Safari Experience you will never forget.

Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt

Point of Departure: Anchorage, Alaska

When: 8 Days, August 9 through September 20

Price: $10,995 The Following Animals Can be Added to the Hunt in Season: Black Bear for $1,950, Grizzly Bear for $3,500, and Caribou for $2,500. The Length of the Hunt is Increased to 10 Days When Hunting 2 or More Animals.

When: August 9 to September 20

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