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Black Bear

Ursus Americanus is the Alaskan Big Game Animal that has about as extensive a habitat distribution as can be found for any one species. They range over most of the State and can be found from Alaska's Arctic, South into Mexico, and from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Coast. The natural color of their pelt varies and includes the rare creamy white and glacier blue sub-species, or the more common colors of brown, cinamon, blond, mousy grey, and raven black. They live comfortably in the Arctic, where 6 feet of snow covers the top of their dens, or in the high deserts of New Mexico and Arizona where they might den in the sandy soil under a tree root system. Size can vary a great deal where some populations of adult bears average four and a half to five and a half feet square, while at the other end of the scale some huge Black Bear can be found living around the farming country in Pennsylvania or along the Coastal Salmon streams in Alaska. Trophies selected from these well fed bear populations can average over six feet square with some monsters going over seven feet. As one might expect, the methods of hunting Black Bear are numerous. Hunting from tree stands that are placed over bait stations is probably the most common and is done extensively in Canada and also in a number of States in the US. Hunting with dogs is another popular method that can provide more excitement.

Nothing can compare with a Black Bear hunt on the Coast of Alaska from a Hunting Vessel. These hunts are conducted in Prince William Sound through a permit issued by the Chugach National Forest Service. The scenery is primeval and spectacular and the Black Bears large and abundant. It is the ultimate Black Bear hunting experience! You can have an exhilarating day of hunting and even get rained on during your stalk, but at the end of the day you know you'll be able to take a hot shower and have clean dry clothes. Then you'll lean back with a drink in your hand and look out through picture glass windows at some of the most awesome scenery the World has to offer, while waiting for a dinner to be served that is fit for a king. We serve New York Steaks, sea foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, nice desserts, plenty of snacks, and your favorite beverages. On a 5 day hunting cruise one should see between 20 and 40 Black Bear. The hunt can start from Whittier or Valdez early in the morning and within an hour the boat is cruising in good Black Bear country. It may be necessary to fly to the boat from Anchorage or Valdez. During the month of May, the bears have just come out of their dens and are spending a good deal of time looking for something to eat. They generally have to settle for the grass that grows near the beach which is what makes this hunt so relaxing. Much of the time is spent with a cup of coffee in one hand looking through the picture windows at the beaches and the grassy slopes for the raven black critters. When one is spotted that is judged to be large enough, and meets the requirements for a successful stalk, the skiff is taken to the beach and the stalk begins. These hunts are very successful and almost all hunters have the opportunity to take a good quality trophy Black Bear. In the Fall, the hunt is again concentrated on the beaches but this time near the Salmon streams. This is the best time for a bow hunter as one can often get some very close shots. It is quite a thrill to watch these big Black Bear fish for Salmon. After success with the Black Bear it is time to do some fishing for Halibut, and some of these fish have been known to be bigger than the Black Bear.

When you consider the hunt location on the wild and primeval Coastline of Alaska, the daily spectacular scenic beauty, the abundance of animals, sea birds and marine life such as Whales and Sea Otters, the large numbers of trophy sized Black Bear, and the quality of service and comfort offered on the Hunting Vessel, this safari will be remembered as one of your most outstanding hunting experiences!

Vessel Based Alaska Coastal Black Bear Hunt

Point of Departure: Yakutat

When: Spring - 5 Days, May 1 through June 30

Hunt Price: $6,950 (4 Hunter Minimum)

Guided 2 X 1 Hunt for a Record Book Black Bear


Land Based Alaska Coastal Black Bear Hunt

Point of Departure: Yakutat, Alaska

When: Spring - 5 Days, May and June

Hunt Price: $5,500 - Guided 2 X 1 Hunt for a Record Book Coastal Black Bear

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