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Hunting Information

Fees: Hunting fees include all meals and services including a guide, transportation in the field, and field preservation of trophies. Trophies may be sent to your taxidermist by an expediter. You pay final trophy preparation, crating, and shipping costs. Fees do not include your hunting license, big game tags, transportation to the point of outfitting , hotel accommodations before during or after the hunt, liquor or gratuaties. Depending upon the hunt you have booked, the city of departure can be Anchorage, Whittier, Cordova, or Yakutat. Alaskan wild game meat, Salmon, and Halibut are excellent and we suggest that you take at least a sample home. Commercial processing facilities are available in Anchorage for your convenience.

Non Hunters: A limited number of non-hunting guests can be accommodated. The fee is $3,500 on Brown Bear Hunts and on all hunts for Grizzly Bear, Moose, Caribou, and Dall Sheep. The fee for non-hunting guests on Black Bear Hunts is $2,500. On Mountain Goat and Moose Hunts the fee is $2,750. Please let us know well in advance so accommodations can be arranged.

Contract: All hunts are conducted on a fair-chase basis in accordance with State of Alaska Hunting and Guiding Regulations. A Guide/Client contract will be signed when the hunt is booked.

Personal Gear: The ideal caliber rifle for Alaska is the 300 Winchester Magnum when hunting Sitka Blacktail Deer, Mountain Goat, Dall Sheep, Moose, Black Bear, and Caribou. The .375 caliber is recommended for Brown Bear. Forty cartridges are generally adequate. Be sure that the personal gear you bring is of the highest quality. Bring binoculars, compact cleaning kit, day pack to carry personal gear , hunting knife, small flashlight, camera and film, insulated ankle fitting hip boots, climbing boots are optional for Goat and Sheep hunting, sleeping bag, warm hat, thermal underwear, four pair of wool socks, four pair of light wool socks, one change of hunting clothes, warm gloves, down filled parka w/hood, quality rain gear, duffel bag for gear, gloves, bug dope, water bottle, towel and other personal necessities. A sleeping bag, comfortable to minus 20 degrees, and mattress are necessary when hunting Dall Sheep, Brown Bear, Moose, Mountain Goat and Caribou in a spike camp.

Deposits and Cancellations: A deposit of 50% will confirm your hunt. The balance is payable 60 days prior to arrival. If agreement has been made to receive final payment upon arrival, the balance must be paid by wire transfer, cash, traveler's cheques or certified check. Please, no personal checks. In the event of cancellation by the client more than 120 days prior to the start of the hunt, deposits are non refundable but will be transferred to another hunt with us, or the deposit may be transferred to another mutually acceptable hunter, secured by you. In the event of cancellation by the client less than 120 days prior to the start of our season, deposits shall be forfeited unless transferred to a mutually acceptable hunter secured by you, or unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon. In the event that we must cancel a hunt, due to a failure on our part, the total hunt payments we received shall be refunded, minus any commissions we paid to your booking agent.

License and Big Game Tag Fees:

License Or Tag Type Non-resident U.S. Citizens Foreign Nationals
Alaska Hunting License $85.00 $300.00
Alaska Fishing License $30.00 $30.00
Mountain Goat Tag $300.00 $400.00
Dall Sheep Tag $425.00 $550.00
Grizzly or Brown Bear Tag $500.00 $650.00
Barren Ground Caribou Tag $325.00 $425.00
Alaska-Yukon Moose Tag $400.00 $500.00
Black Bear Tag $225.00 $300.00
Sitka Blacktail Deer Tag $150.00 $200.00
Roosevelt Elk Tag $300.00 $400.00


Hunting Seasons Dates Areas
Kodiak Brown Bear Spring - April 15 - May 15
Fall - October 25 - November 30
Kodiak Island, Unit 8
Alaska Peninsula
Brown Bear
Spring - May 10 - May 25
Fall - October 1- October 21
Alaska Peninsula,
Unit 9
Dall Sheep August 10 - September 20 Most Alaska Units
Alaska-Yukon Moose

September 1 - September 20

September 1 - November 30

Ak Mt. Range, Unit 19

Unit 6A


Brown Bear

August 10 - May 31

September 1 - May 31

Unit 16

Unit 6A

Barren Ground Caribou August 10 - November 30 AK Mt. Range, Unit 16

Black Bear

Black Bear

Year Round

September 1 - June 30

Units 16 and 19

Unit 6A

Mountain Goat

September through November


Unit 6A


Sitka Blacktail Deer August 1 - December 15 Unit 6 and Unit 8


Species Price Hunting Area

10 Day Combo Hunt For Dall Sheep, Black Bear, and Grizzly Bear


AlaskaMountain Range, Unit 16 &19


10 Day Combo Hunt For Grizzly Bear, Caribou, and Black Bear




Alaska Mountain Range, Unit 19


7 Day Land Based Hunt For Mountain Goat at Icy Cape. Black Bear May Be Taken Incidentally for $1,950.




Yakutat, Unit 6A


10 Day Cruise Hunt For Kodiak Brown Bear (Includes Halibut Fishing, Fox Hunting, Ptarmigan Hunting and Sea Duck Hunting)


$20,000.00 + Sitka Blacktail Deer May be Added to the Hunt


Kodiak & Afognak Islands, Unit 8


10 Day Alaska Peninsula Hunt For Brown Bear


Unit 9

5 Day Cruise Hunt For Black Bear (Includes Salmon and Halibut Fishing in season) Hunting Is Under A Chugach National Forest Service Permit

5 Day Land Based Hunt for Black Bear Near Yakutat. High Success Rate for Record Book Bear.


$5,950.00 (2X1)




Unit 6D



Yakutat, Unit 6A

7 Day Cruise Hunt For Mt. Goat. Black Bear & Deer May Be Taken Incidentally (Includes Halibut Fishing, Ptarmigan and Sea Duck Hunting)

7 Day Land Based Hunt For Mountain Goat at Icy Cape. Black Bear May Be Taken Incidentally.

$9,995.00 + $1,950. Trophy Fee for Black Bear or Blacktail Deer After Success


$7,995.00 + $1,950. Trophy Fee For Black Bear

Unit 6D



Unit 6A

10 Day Hunt for 2 Brown/Grizzly Bear and 3 Black Bear. No Trophy Fees.





Skwentna River, Unit 16




8 Day Alaska Moose Hunt. Brown Bear, Black Bear, and Mountain Goat May Be Added To The Hunt






Unit 6A






Grizzly/Brown Bear Regulation Limits:

Alaska's Four Year Requirement Regulations on Brown/Grizzly Bears

In most of Alaska, Brown/Grizzly bear bag limits are set at one bear every four regulatory years. (July 1 through June 30) Currently there are several areas that are exempted from this regulation.

In areas that have a Brown/Grizzly bag limit of one bear every four regulatory years the following chart will help you to determine your next year of eligibility.

If you were successful in You will be eligible to hunt again
Spring 2006 Spring 2010
Fall 2006 Fall 2010
Spring 2007 Spring 2011
Fall 2007 Fall 2011
Spring 2008 Spring 2012
Fall 2008 Fall 2012
Spring 2009 Spring 2013
Fall 2009 Fall 2013

Conditions: We accept a hunter on the following conditions: That Alaska Trophy Hunting, LLC and C. Vernon Humble can not guarantee safety and are not responsible for accidents, loss of hunting time or delays for any reason including weather, equipment failure or loss, fire, theft, Acts of God or other vicissitudes of nature, or anything beyond our control.

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