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Alaska Caribou

A large white mane with a slender white stripe extending back to the flank gives a bull Caribou its regal appearance. A large bull can have a set of antlers that are massive and impressive. In fact they can be breathtaking. For many years these animals have not been held in very high esteem by sportsmen. However, they can provide a wonderful hunting experience for the hunter who appreciates its natural beauty and enjoys the high alpine terrain that this animal inhabits.

Alaska's Caribou are primarily a mountain animal and are often observed while hunting Dall Sheep. Many times these sure footed creatures are located above the Sheep and will be perched right on the top of the area's highest mountain peak.

Barren ground Caribou are the nomads of the North and are constantly on the move to find new areas with better food sources. The herd's movement can be extensive and unpredictable. In fact, areas that have had excellent hunting for years may suddenly be abandoned as migration routes change and new areas that have been void of these animals will just as suddenly have large Caribou populations. Good bulls are available and during the last several years the population appears to be increasing.

A good way to hunt Caribou is to combine it with a hunt for Grizzly Bear or Dall Sheep. They inhabit the same areas and many good bulls have been taken during these hunts. Our special Caribou hunt areas are located in Units 9 and 17. A good base camp is established with the use of a Super Cub airplane and the hunt for a big bull is conducted from there. All of our gear and equipment is flown to camp with small super cubs so limit the weight of your gear to 65 pounds, including your rifle. Since Caribou are nomad in nature it is occasionally necessary to move the camp to get back into the herd as it moves about. These hunts are highly successful and a great experience in a great country. Be sure to bring your insulated ankle fitting hip boots and a back pack to carry your personal items in during the daily hikes.

These beautiful trophy Caribou bulls with white manes are striking in appearance and make a great addition to every hunter's trophy collection. It takes skill and dedication to bag a truly outstanding trophy bull.

Alaska Caribou Combination Hunt
(Caribou & Grizzly Bear)

Point of Outfitting: Caribou Camp in Unit 9 or 17
(Charter Flight To Hunting Camp From King Salmon, Alaska)

When: 5 Days, September 1 through October 10

Price: $5,500 (2 on 1)
(+ Grizzly Trophy Kill Fee $4,500)

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